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FAQs on Membership and Dues
Jan 19, 2023

What are the two forms available to complete?

How much are our dues?

  • $35.00 per month. It is important to recognize what makes TWU different from other unions is that under our Constitution, 70% of dues are then turned back over to your local to meet their expenses.  

When will dues collection begin?

  • The Company will begin withdrawing the $35 membership dues beginning on the June 8, 2022 paycheck, and on the first paycheck of each month going forward. To have your dues deducted from the June 8th paycheck, forms must be completed by May 19, 2022.

Do I have to pay anything if I choose to become a non-member?

  • Yes, non-members pay what is called a Service Charge or Agency Fee. All IFCs must comply with Article 33 of the CBA.

What is the difference between being a member and non-member?

  • In addition to being fully covered and protected by the contract, members enjoy all the benefits and privileges of membership including the ability to be able to attend Union meetings, nominate officers, run for office, hold office, and vote for officers, contracts, and such other Union business as comes before membership, including during local union meetings.  Also, there are other benefits of being a member of TWU like eligibility to participate in the “Union Privilege Program,” which can be found at and eligibility to participate in the TWU-wide drawing for Michael Quill scholarships for children of members, just to name two.
  • Non-members receive the full protection of the contract. However, they are not able to attend Union meetings, nominate officers, run for office, hold office, or vote for officers, vote on contracts, or participate in other business of the Union.

If I choose not to join the Union, what is the Service Charge/Agency Fee for a Non-Member and how much will it be?

  • This Service Charge or Agency Fee is the amount of money that non-members who object to paying full union dues are required to pay for the legally “chargeable” expenses of the Union, such as collective bargaining costs. It is often referred to as paying your “fair share” for the benefits and services received from the Union, or — as in the Checkoff Authorization Card — as the “service charge” due to the Union. Based on the most recent audit of TWU in 2021, the Agency Fee/Service Charge for JetBlue IFCs would be 76.07% of the dues amount, or $26.62 per month. The auditor’s report can be found at: The TWU Agency Fee Policy, which sets forth in detail all procedures relevant to becoming an Objector/Fee Payer, can be viewed at: Until further notice, send the notification pursuant to paragraph 3 of the TWU Agency Fee Policy to the following address: Transport Workers Union of America, 300 State Street, Box 93060, Southlake, TX 76092-9998.  
  • Even if you go this route, you must still authorize your dues deduction, by either completing your Dues Check-off form or by timely remitting payment manually to TWU each month, as discussed below.

What alternative do I have to completing the Dues Check-Off form? 

  • For both members and non-members, the Dues Check-Off form is the most convenient way to have the required dues or Service Charge/Agency Fee automatically deducted from your paycheck, and to avoid falling behind on your payments. However, you may elect to remit your timely payment manually by mailing a check or money order to TWU each month. Your check must be made out to “TWU Local 579,” and include your name, employee number, and a reference to JetBlue Airways. Until further notice, the mailing address for such payments is:
    • TWU Local 579
    • 4409 Hoffner Ave #418
    • Orlando, FL 32812
    • Your payment must be received by the 15th of each month. You remain responsible for complying with the TWU Constitution and Article 33 of the CBA.
  • If you elect to remit your timely payment manually, click here to sign your membership application and to enjoy the full benefits of Union membership! 

What if I do nothing?

  • Remember: failure to submit a Dues Check-Off form will NOT relieve you of your obligation to make the required dues or Service Charge/Agency Fee payments. Failure to make required timely  payments could lead to termination as Article 33 of the CBA provides.   

If I don’t sign up for Dues Check-Off by May 19, 2022, or submit a timely manual payment, will I still owe dues/service charge beginning on June 8 when the first Check-Off occurs?

  • Yes. Failure to submit a check-off form will NOT relieve you of your obligation to make the required dues or service charge payments. If dues are not remitted when Check-Off begins, you will be in arrears until you satisfy the amount you owe. 

If I am currently on a leave absence that qualifies for a dues exoneration, what should I do and when should I complete my forms?

  • In order to be exonerated from dues, the TWU will need to verify through JetBlue the date and type of leave you are on. This will require you to fill out the Dues Exoneration form prior to the 19th of each month while on the leave, beginning no later than May 19, 2022, otherwise you will be responsible for your dues. Your submission will be reviewed and you will receive an e-mail response confirming whether you qualify for dues exoneration.
  • All Dues Exonerations must be completed by the 19th of the month prior to be accepted by the company.

If I don’t sign up, will JetBlue subtract dues from my check anyway?

  • No. Under the CBA, we must submit a form signed by each IFC before JetBlue will deduct dues from your paycheck. However, you will be considered in arrears if your fees are not submitted on a timely basis. Review Article 33 in the CBA for additional language regarding non payment.


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